Working Capital Financing 101.

Strong sales and active growth does not always mean a small business has optimal access to their finances. The period between selling an item and receiving payment for it, which can often be 60-90 days, can lead to a lack of working capital. Waiting on working capital is an issue that many business owners face, and may lead to legitimate concerns of how to meet payroll or acquire materials needed to continue operating.

Don't Wait on Working Capital

There are multiple options for obtaining External Working Capital Financing to ensure the funding needed is available. Some options require you to have a flawless financial history, such as a revolving line of credit from the bank. For business owners that are just starting out or who have few valuable assets, an unsecured business loan, where you don’t need to put up any collateral and pay higher interest rates, could be the answer.

One of the best options out there for Business owners is the Merchant Cash Advance, where payments are made against future credit card receivables. If your business processes credit card transactions, then you are likely eligible for credit card factoring. A Merchant Cash Advance can ease the stress on a business when a lack of working capital is hindering the potential growth of your business.


Learn more about Credit Card Financing, and How a Merchant Cash Advance from American Stimulus Funding can help keep your business running.