A Merchant Cash Advance Can Benefit Seasonal Business.

Seasonality is inevitable for many businesses. Whether it be related to the physical temperature, or the “shopping seasons” linked to holidays, the start of the school year, or summer vacation, seasonality can effect the cash flow.

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A Merchant Cash Advance Provides Capital For What You Need

Understanding the most profitable months of the year for your business can create a unique opportunity to succeed. High and low periods in sales can be devastating for a small business owner, who needs to spread the cash flow from busy seasons throughout  the year to cover salaries and business expenses.

The slow season can potentially be your most valuable time of the year. Having the freedom to use it to gauge the high seasons performance, take stock of your competitors, create marketing plans and also have the finances to implement them by using a Business Cash Advance can lead to owning a more profitable business.

Using a Merchant Cash Advance to stimulate cash flow can take some pressure off your business (and your wallet!) during low seasons.
Merchant Financing can give you the freedom to make necessary adjustments for your most profitable months, allowing you to take full advantage of your high seasons, creating opportunities to increase your profits and grow your business.

Learn More About How a Merchant Cash Advance Works, And How Merchant Financing from American Stimulus Funding Can Help Your Seasonal Business Flourish.