A Detailed Description of how Financing your Business with a Merchant Cash Advance Works.

A Merchant Cash Advance is a lump sum payment to a qualified business owner in exchange for an agreed percent of future sales until repayment is complete.

The business owner authorizes a MCA company to take said percentage of its daily sales (depending on individual arrangements, this can be from credit card sales, debit/cash sales, or a combination of both) directly from the processing company that settles payments.

Advances range from $5,000-$500,000, and partnering with a strong Merchant Cash Advance company, such as American Stimulus Funding, is crucial to ensure you are receiving the optimal and maximum amount of funding at the best rate your business qualifies for.

A Merchant Cash Advance does not involve collateral on your business, and payments are based on a percentage, not a fixed rate. This means that the amount taken from daily sales is based on your current revenue.


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